friends of purpose

December 2, 2015

              sentiment inside the card: some come and leave, …

it’s in the details

dangling of the greens

November 11, 2015

      i love dangles.  i love to draw them. i love to look …

it’s in the details

my elephant shoes

November 10, 2015

i have lived a story for more than 30 years.  not a story i would …

it’s in the details

they put their foot in the pedal and create opportunity

November 10, 2015

sometimes the best people and purposes are placed into your life for reasons that will reveal …

it’s in the details

doodling on pumpkins at blick art materials

November 6, 2015

i had the opportunity to demonstrate doodling on pumpkins using THE greatest pens on this …

it’s in the details

always have that extra gift ready

November 5, 2015

i’ve learned my lesson.  have you? it always happens.  someone brings me a gift when …

it’s in the details

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