who is the doodler?









beep, is this thing on? tap. tap.



take 1,252,014          (to know me is to know that that is funny…)

if i was to create a bullet list –

uhh hello- i worked in corporate america for 34 years so bullet lists are part of my dna (which doesn’t exist anymore but that is another story…),

here is what it would look like: – which of course i’ve already blown the corporate rule – no more than 3 bullets – i was always a rebel!

  • i love my middle initial.  always use the ‘o’ or i will hunt you down.
  • i have a lifelong love for my hometown of bethlehem, pa.  my husband moved me away (5 miles).  we stayed married – barely.
  • third of 4 children, first of 2 girls.  i always felt like the middle child.
  • middle-class upbringing.  all houses on the block were one of three designs.  every family had the token 2.5 kids.  father worked hard outside of home, mom worked hard inside our home.
  • not athletic, not theatrical, not technical, not part of the in crowd.  what’s left?  creative. i love the act of creating.  anything.
  • a few years back, at the young age of 50, my body could not maintain the farce any longer. the artist in me finally won out after 30 years in corporate cubicles.
  • i am big picture.  i can do the details if strung by my fingertips and fed a lot of chocolate – and i mean a lot.
  • what i have, what i know, what i learn, i share.
  • if it ain’t in pictures i ain’t learning it.
  • oddly, i don’t much like circles.  i prefer straight lines.
  • squirrel squirrel (easily distracted, one topic oops i’m on to another)
  • i carry no less than 3 bags with me everywhere i go
  • my favorite foods and drinks are crunchy salty not spicy and carbonated
  • rabbit lover
  • not particularly interested in being number one or the best. interested in continually learning and getting better.
  • as a silversmith, i’ve been known to design and construct some pretty wicked sterling silver jewelry. I design one of a kinds that tell a story.  husband calls me a non-profit – i lose money because i give it away.
  • anytime you see me, i will have my camera attached to my eye or my iPhone camera handy to capture the story i see and want to tell.
  • i doodle, dangle and tangle on anything in my path and not nailed down.
  • college graduate that never worked in the discipline of the degree.
  • spent my career working for great companies (and some not so great companies).
  • passionate about helping people to recognize and tell the world that they are really talented and what they have learned, what they can do, how they can help and how they can share.
  • insatiable learner.
  • math challenged.
  • passionate connector.
  • information addict.
  • 2 times challenged by life threatening illnesses.  First at 25 and second at 55.
  • married to my ‘secret weapon’ for longer than is fashionable.
  • mother of a daughter with an exceptionally talented and kind soul.
  • blessed by the family and friends, my ‘village’,  that make my life, a life.

I eat my elephant, one bite at a time.  why?  read my story


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